Application for Saint René Descartes University Fellowship

Dear Friend,

The news is still being elaborated, but it is pretty great news.

As you may know Saint René Descartes University is an accredited seminary college of the Cesidian Church, is a member in good standing of the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), and is accredited by the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (5WAA).

This is all great stuff, but it gets better.

Recently Saint René Descartes University also became a member of the Federation of International Blue Cross & Blue Crescent Organisations (FIBCO). The FIBCO is an institutional membership organisation for humanitarian non-profit community groups, and non-governmental organisations. FIBCO members collaborate, organise, coordinate and lead relief assistance missions responding to large-scale emergencies, and operate in close cooperation with the National Blue Cross delegations and chapters, such as the recently founded Fifth World Blue Cross & Blue Crescent, of which I am now a Delegate. I am also an International Blue Cross Ambassador.

Moreover, as the Chancellor of Saint René Descartes University, I have also acknowledged the Charter of CCLP Worldwide, and I am committed to the active promotion and realisation of its goals.

There probably isn't a micronational university as advanced as Saint René Descartes University, and yet this is just the beginning, and Saint René Descartes University is not just a university under development.

Saint René Descartes University is also supposed to become a community of scholars, and a powerful multidisciplinary think tank.

As the article "New 'World Class' Universities: Cutting Through the Hype" elaborates, top-tier universities are now outpacing the smartest companies in the world with their original research. A recent global study of patents shows that universities and research institutions are now driving more scientific strides in biotechnology than private companies. Original research — something which cannot be found on the seriously impeded Wikipedia — in turn generates sophisticated innovation and knowledge, and this becomes a new resource for growth and wealth.

Fifth World nations are already at the cutting edge of societal evolution. We cannot afford to become overly entrenched in the problems of the world today — as serious as they may be, but they are largely not our own creation — and we must seek long-term strategies that will promote the development of technology, science and ideas that are in tune with our values.

To this end, I am now inviting all serious Fifth Worlders to become a Fellow of Saint René Descartes University. If you try to join by filling the web form below, and you are accepted, not only you'll be able to define yourself as a Fellow of Saint René Descartes University in any bio, résumé, or CV, but you'll also receive your own choice of special email address at, or at You will also have a web page at similar URLs such as or, if you provide some good information and possibly a nice picture of yourself.

In addition, you'll be added to a special Fellow's mailing list, and a forum will eventually be created so we can share our ideas and insights into anything and everything.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, and join us as a Fellow of Saint René Descartes University.

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